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Thursday, May 23, 2024
13D Activist Fund

Fund Description

The 13D Activist Fund is a long-only1, event-driven fund that focuses on 13D filings. 13D filings are made by investors who acquire over 5% of a company’s common stock and intend to influence management. The 13D Activist Fund invests in companies that are the subject of what we believe to be the most compelling 13D filings of activist investors. The Fund focuses on 13D investments in companies of $1 billion+ market capitalization by whom we believe are the top activist investors. These are generally investments of prominent, experienced portfolio managers who are not only putting their fund’s capital on the line, but are also putting their reputations on the line by publicly taking a position that their strategy and ideas are better than management’s.

The 13D Activist Fund seeks to give investors access to a successful strategy that has historically outperformed the markets and is not correlated to the overall markets2. The Fund is spread among many top activists with different activist styles, strategies and sector expertise, so the investor is not relying on the performance of a single portfolio manager; and the Fund is a low-cost investment vehicle with daily liquidity and NAV transparency.

1 Long-only funds hold only long positions on securities and no short positions.
2 There is no guarantee the Fund will meet its objective.